Egret’s Pool

Egret's Pool

So much has happened over the past year, it is hard to believe it was just last spring when I last stood in this spot with my friend.  When the snow melts this depression fills with water and the frogs come to sing and the egrets come, too.  Spring ephemerals spring up and carpet the ground beneath the trees in soft colors.  The noisy human world drops away here and you can feel your chest expand.


    1. I’m glad the arc of pink drew you in. That is just what I hoped it would do. It reality the wood anemones are mostly white but I wanted to emphasize the pink. The birds lifting off the water where what drew me to the scene.


      1. I misspoke, maybe. The birds had lifted off and were heading off to the right. I found it difficult to express them well in oil. I wanted to have them gleaming blue-white against the background and really they just look sort of smudgy.


  1. Definitely the color palette of spring! I feel more relaxed just looking at this and imagining sitting there by the pond listening to the frogs.


    1. Thank you Robert! Yes, you’ll find spots like this throughout northeastern Illinois and SE Wisconsin. I think things change a bit by the time you get as far north as Milwaukee although to tell the truth I haven’t explored that area all that much. We just pass through on our way up to Eagle River. Have you been up there? I’m wondering if the area would look like upstate New York to you.


    1. Thank you Deborah! It was a delightful spot. My friend has since had hip surgery and recovery isn’t going well, so I’m not sure we’ll ever get to share a moment like that again. That really gives it poignancy for me.

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  2. Between the pink and your mention of spring ephemerals, I’m wondering if this is a spot where the grass pinks bloom. I found some in east Texas recently, and have photos of them on my blog just now. While I was reading about them, I found mention of Volo Bog, and Illinois Beach, and thought — I know someone who’s been there! It’s such a wonderful experience to see something in my world that’s a part of yours, and I’d say you captured the grass pinks’ pink perfectly.


  3. I just really love the blue and violet of those foreground trees, that singularly makes this for me. Wonderful work, Melissa.


  4. Lovely. So fresh and open. The suggestion of egrets brings a lot of life to the piece. It makes me think of similar places I’ve been, and I’ve felt that dropping away and expansion you described in your last sentence… and then that heart thrill of an egret or two in flight! 😊❤️


  5. I love the sinuous pink path leading us to and around the pond, Melissa. I am happy to see all those “autumnal” spring colors in the wooded background. And the egrets complete the scene. 🙂


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