Noble Power

Noble Power

Handel’s Water Music begins, the crowd stills, and the magnificent white stallions enter the ring.  Tears spring to my eyes just thinking about it.  Near my home is the Temple Lipizzan Farm, and in the summer months you can go there to see them perform.  Subtle cues from the riders guide the horses through classic dressage moves and together they dance to the beautiful music.  It really is magic.

I’ve wanted to paint an entire series of these horses but I have found it difficult to get them onto a canvas in a pleasing way.  A lot of my attempts have ended up looking a lot like my HS notebooks, with  horses cluttering up the margins when I should have been writing notes !



    1. Michael, you picked right up on two specific things I used. I found that Prussian Blue compliments the white of the horse beautifully, and yes, I wanted to just hint at the rider. Thank you so much for your perceptive and kind comment.

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  1. Such a handsome horse and a wonderful portrait. I like the colors you chose and agree with the others that just a hint of the rider adds so much. Beautiful work, Melissa. I hope this one gets snapped up fast…it deserves to be.


  2. It really is a wonderful portrait, I think horse lovers will flip for it. I saw your comment re Prussian Blue, and always wondered at how artists make a decision, I mean, pick their colors, out of millions of choices. These colors certainly work beautifully.
    I’ve been following a rider’s blog, I think from Ontario Canada, Anne Leueen “HorseAddict,” you might enjoy looking at her horse, it’s a beauty. Anne’s a competitive rider who does dressage, and very interesting, down-to-earth writing about the myriad things that riders have to keep in their mind at these events.


    1. Thank you so much, Robert. That is a good question. I can’t remember why I first thought of Prussian blue, as it isn’t one I typically use. Instinct? I’ll admit to a great deal of trial and error 🙂
      I’ll have to look her up. Thanks for mentioning her.

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