A Garden of Natives


A Garden of Natives

A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul” ~Saadi

I’m excited to share with you my newest piece.  This is my interpretation of a city planting I came across in Minneapolis.  Isn’t it great how they had used all natives to such good effect?  For my painting I made a point of playing with color, turning it up full blast as an antidote to the headlines, the last dregs of winter, and a cold I’m fighting.  What an indulgence it was to spread all that vibrant color onto a large 24×36″ canvas.  I hope it lifts your spirits as it did mine in making it!


A Garden of Natives Original Painting

Bright colors play across this 24x36" canvas portraying a happy mix of native flowers in a garden. You just know that butterflies and native bees are going to be here enjoying the abundant flowers. Wide wrap gallery edges, painted black, ready to hang and enjoy. Ships free within the continental US.




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