Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

The snow melted a bit yesterday, and I began to think spring might be a possibility one of these days.  Spring Beauties, or Claytonia virginica, used to be common around here.  All of the clearing for new mcmansionvilles has destroyed their habitat, and I seldom come across them anymore.  Every now and then I still do, and they really lift the spirits.


  1. We take it you painted this from memory or a photograph taken in another year, in hopes of seeing some this spring. The upper flower looks like a dragonfly.

    You prompted me to search and I was surprised to discover that this species has been found in south Austin. I’ve never knowingly seen it but will be on the lookout this spring.

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  2. This is such a pretty flower. It grows in part of east Texas, but I first saw it in Missouri. Here’s an interesting tidbit for you: the newsletter of the Arkansas Native Plant Society is named Claytonia. It grows nearly everywhere in that state, and is one of their most beloved flowers.

    I especially like the combination of pastels and bold colors in your painting. We tend to associate pastels with spring, but many of our first native flowers are boldly-colored, like the scarlet pimpernel — blue and orange!

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      1. Oh, its beem storm after storm and seemingly unending rain. Last weekend it poured and poured all night and the next day there were flood in South Wales and Yorkshire. We are reasonably dry here but plenty of poor people up the Welsh valleys are not. You can’t deny climate change with conditions like these!

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      2. No, you sure can’t. We had unprecedented flooding here a couple of springs ago, and a series of tornadoes and microbursts have ripped through as well. Very turbulent. When I was in college back in the early 80’s my professor told us about global warming, and what it would do. It is weird now to see those abstract predictions coming all too true.

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      3. Tornadoes!?! Oh my! Those happen very rarely in the UK thanfully. I think that Storm Dennis was describedas a weather bomb, we had a months rain in 48 hours (and it rains here a lot in “normal” conditions). the depressing thing is that governments don’t seem to be doing anything much about the climate emergency.


  3. Lovely painting and helping to fuel the anticipation for approaching spring here in the northeast, Melissa. I’ve only seen spring beauties a couple of times in my usual haunts and have nothing to show as lovely as your portrait here. Things are warmer than usual this late winter and with meteorological spring just days away who knows if we’ll see a few early blooms.


    1. Thanks, Jason! I work pretty loosely, and sometimes the paint builds up and can look lumpy. That was the case when I was trying to paint those delicate pink stripes. Suddenly I could see the value in linen canvas! 🙂


  4. McMansions also have kind of ruined parts of Cape Cod, where my wife and I vacation each year. They are atrocious.

    Hey, if you have a chance, take a look at my latest story, which is about colors. I’d be interested to find out what your thoughts are. Take care.

    Neil Scheinin


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