Purple Milkweed

Purple Milkweed

One day last summer I was walking the trail at Grant Woods and came across a vibrant little milkweed that looked different from others I’d seen, and was growing in fairly heavy shade which was odd.  It keyed out to be a purple milkweed, although quite unique.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it was, in fact, a hybrid.  At any rate, I loved its clear zest for life and wanted to capture that joi de vivre in a portrait.



Original Painting, “Purple Milkweed”

10x12" wide galley wrap canvas with painted edges. Vibrant purples, blues and greens Price includes shipping within the continental US.



      1. When you and I became friends here, I was doing strictly representational work. I felt it was a risk to suddenly change to something so far out there. To be perfectly honest, while I enjoy looking at art like this I’m not sure I feel it is very “grown up”. I generally think of you as one of the adults in the room!


      2. You can always go back to more representational approaches, either entirely or for the most part. Nothing compels you to do only one or only the other, and of course those aren’t even the only two possibilities. Still, I know what you mean, and an artist often resonates to one style but not another. But even that may be only for a certain period until a new enchantment comes along. Think of certain artists who started with one approach and ended up with a very different one. Mondrian is a good example (I prefer his early works to the minimalist ones that came later and for which he is now most remembered).

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  1. Indeed it is, Andrew. I’m glad you like the colors. Over the years I’ve received feedback from judges and others that I should stop holding back. So, every now and then I’ve been letting my hair down, so to speak. Power to the Flowers!

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  2. I couldn’t help thinking of Mardi Gras when I saw this. The traditional Mardi Gras colors are there (purple, green, and gold) and the streamers of color are reminiscent of the parades. As for different styles, it’s a fact that not everything will appeal to everyone. Some people enjoy my etherees; others comment only on essays. Some are fond of my childhood-related posts, others like the more philosophical. One reason I’ve refused to categorize my blog is that I wanted to be able to write about whatever caught my attention at a given moment. It seems to me that there’s no reason for you to categorize your paintings, either.


  3. I like your comment about trying to get people to stop and look. I think we must be living in an era when people see so many images that they can’t distinguish between them anymore. I love the painting , by the way – I hope I can still distinguish !


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