Wood Anemones

Wood Anemones

This painting is a bit of a fusion piece.  Last spring I was out in the field and my friend and I came across a huge colony of wood anemones beneath the trees.  It was a magical sight and I knew I wanted to capture it.  I also wanted to paint the base of a cool tree that grows in the neighborhood.  I love how the bark gets at the base of old trees, all baggy like hose sagging around the tree’s ankles.  As I understand it, this area was a beautiful woodland before the houses all get built.  You do still see woodland wildflowers here and there, tucked beneath trees that were saved.


  1. I wasn’t familiar with his work but you’e right, there is a similarity. You know, it’s funny about all that color. I used the same colors I always do, but this is a much larger canvas than I usually use and somehow, they are more vibrant. I considered layering to grey them down but decided I liked how they are. Of course, there is also the difficulty of translating it into a digital image. That always makes the paintings look hollow somehow. Looking at it again, the flowers have lost their definition.

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  2. I can see how your tree encompasses a look of waves and water. Love the way you aren’t afraid to use the unexpected shades for the the tree bark. I bet it’s really, really cool in the “flesh” (so to speak.

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  3. I love this. The cheery flowers, the scattering of brown oak leaves, the mysterious knothole, and cracks and colors of the tree trunk. Gives you a feeling of freshness and age, change and continuity.

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    1. “Freshness and age, change and continuity”~I love that, Jason! Thank you!

      By the way, your posts don’t come to my inbox anymore and I can’t find it in my reader. Could you send me the link again? I miss your reading your posts! When I upgraded, I lost so many of my favorite blogs and your’s was one. 😦


    1. Ohh, that is a neat thought. Thank you. I have been surprised at how watery this painting struck people. That gives me a whole new way to look at it. I really like this painting, and have put it on my wall until it is needed for an exhibit.

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