If it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth it is because I’ve been working away on this painting for me dear friend Linda Curtis.  I’ve cropped the painting to show you…as you can tell, the lower right corner has some issues I haven’t quite worked out yet.  The orange area will resolve itself into a leaf.  I use orange under my green to keep the color lively and fresh, and to give it depth.  Although I’m told this orchid grows in my area I’ve never seen it.  I’ve been piecing together this composition from several photos she took in the field.

Linda’s talents lie in many different directions.  Published botanist, she is also a poet, and this morning she sent me this poem she wrote.  I loved it, and thought I’d share it here:

Lindaeus Christmas Poem


    1. I thought you would! I wish you could meet her~ I think the wordplay between you would be fun. It is the showy lady slipper orchid. They are beautiful flowers, aren’t they? I hope to see them for myself one day.
      I’m keen on your rhyme…I think I’ll teach it to my daughter.


  1. The painting is lovely, can’t wait to see the full work when it’s done. I haven’t seen showy lady slipper in the wild either. The best known location around me is in southern Vermont, and I’ve never made it there for the flowering. Your carexpert’s poem is delightful…


  2. A friend just returned from a trip to Hawaii, and showed me dozens of photos with orchids growing on trees. Simply amazing. Even Colorado has several species, but it’s a rare pleasure to encounter them. I hope you will meet them in person, now that you painted all their lovely little details.
    Your friend’s poem is witty yet profound.


    1. Oh, is that how your comments are coming through? You are clearly more computer literate than I am. Thank you so much for making the effort! I figured that since I follow your blog it wouldn’t be an issue but it continues to be. hm.


    1. Thank you~ I hope I do too! I’m glad you liked her poem. I wish you could meet her. She is quite a lady, routinely taking on big alligators to see one more sedge…. Her husband ties a rope around her middle so he can pull her out of the swamp if she gets stuck, and she carries a big stick to ward off wildlife. They are both 80.


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