The Mists of November


I was nearly able to post this painting last week but once I had it on my computer screen I realized it needed some more washes of color, so I held it back for another week on the easel.

Walking at Grant Woods one November afternoon last year I happened to glance over my shoulder and glimpse this wonderful tree. ย I love how it sort of sprawls its multiple stems and branches, and on that afternoon the way it emerged from the gloaming was irresistible. ย In the original the blues are deeper~WP has washed it out a bit here. ย To get the effect I was after I washed colors over the trunks and branches, then wiped it off here and there so they would come in and out of focus.


  1. Wonderful misty effect! Some trees have such magical and compelling branches! When I squint at my computer screen, the blues look deeper, the golds pop more and the forest becomes super 3D. The deep purples, oranges and browns beautifully recreate a moist autumn day, when it is overcast but the forest is glowing anyway. I love those moments. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. Oh, this is very nice, Melissa. Actually, seeing a post from you is very nice also. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like intimate landscapes a lot and this is a very pleasing one for sure. It definitely has a misty quality and is so mindful of a walk in the woods as the autumn colors fade into November.


  3. I haven’t come across ‘gloaming’ in ages. My dad used to ask me if I wanted to go “roaming in the gloaming.” Of course I always said yes.

    Where Steve saw an insect, I saw a quick flash of a bird: just as it happens in the woods. As for the tree, it’s hard not to imagine it leaning over its leaves, keening a bit at their loss to the season.


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