Fall Colors


I am anticipating the season a little, here, but I’m excited to share this painting with you. Long- time readers may remember seeing it before but it has been quite awhile.  The gallery I’m a member of has ties throughout the community, and has an arrangement with a number of businesses to hang our art.  This one has been “on tour” for a couple of years, and I’m very pleased to have it back.  It is in oil, which is an entirely different way of working.  I was pleased with the jewel tones of the foliage…this was extremely hard to capture in a photo so I hope it shows here.


    1. Oh, good! After a few pretty hot days here, we’ve gone right back down into the 70’s. Probably only 60-something right now~I’m huddled here in a robe and thinking about a blanket! That is a welcome surprise this time of year here.

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  1. Very nice. The colors are so pleasing.

    Like Tanja, I had a feeling the current heat might have had something to do with your showing of this painting now, but it might just be the painting’s recent homecoming.


    1. Thank you, Steve. Actually, it is downright cold here right now. I think it is going to make it up to 76 degrees today. Perfect~I really love it. The thought of fall, and what follows, well that is just depressing. Still, I do like sumac when it flames like this.


      1. Around here, surprisingly enough, it is often along the rail lines that we find rare prairie and savanna plants where they grow nowhere else. But, occasionally, they do spray everything. 😦


  2. I’ve been seeing leaves on willow trees, gaura, and other plants turning red, and wondered about it. I found this really interesting article about the role played by phosphorous, and the reasons that imbalances can occur. I’d always assumed that temperature alone caused a change in leaf color (apart from the yellowing that comes with over-watering) but it’s more complicated than that.

    I do like the colors in the painting, although they make me yearn for those cooler temperatures. It’s hotter’n’hades here, as the saying goes, and it’s been hard to put in more than six or seven hours of work each day. I especially like that you included some late-blooming flowers; they make for a nice mix. (At least I see flowers, whether they’re “really” there or not.)


  3. Thanks for the link~that is interesting. I have wondered too, just what the influence of temperature and moisture were for fall color. Makes sense that phosphorous would also come into play.
    They are, indeed, flowers. That site has both gentians and lobelias that offer incredible blue flowers late into the fall, and are such a nice counterpoint to the oranges and scarlets.
    Thank you~I’m pleased you like it. I hope you get some cooling breezes. I don’t handle the heat well at all. I don’t know how you work in it at all!


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