Taking Shape


“Taking Shape” suggested itself to me as a title for this post, because for this painting that is what I did.  Gazing at a reference photo I’d taken out in the field, I lifted out shapes of leaves surrounding the coneflowers.  I flattened them and layered them and played with their color.  Finally, I invited some coneflowers in to dance and skip across the canvas.

Painting this way was so much harder than you’d think it would be, but it was fun and now I want to do more.


  1. Great colors and an energetic composition.So much is going on here. It’s also a happy wildflower coincidence: on Sunday I photographed Eve in front of an echinacea colony at Huffman Prairie in Dayton, Ohio. That’s the field in which the Wright Brothers perfected their airplane.


      1. We’re sitting at a sidewalk table at the Red Fern vegetarian restaurant in Rochester, New York. This morning we spent a few hours at Letchworth State Park, the Grand Canyon of the east. Last night we watched the sun go down from a Frank Lloyd Wright house on the south shore of Lake Erie west of Buffalo.


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