Out of the Blue

The Shelter of Trees

I’m not sure what to call this painting…what do you suggest? I’ve cropped in a bit with this photo, so the colors and texture would be a bit truer than they were in the larger photo. What drew me to the scene was how the oaks seemed to be wandering down the hill to greet visitors, like a trio of aunties. Possibly slightly tipsy aunties. And I liked how a tumble of stone suggested a rustic staircase leading up the slope. There was a clutter of brushy detail in the background, so I provided a veil of mist to hide that.


  1. I have no idea why your painting should have called to mind this one by Maurice Denis, but it did. I suppose it’s probably your trees, which have a grove-like feel despite being few in number. I really like the steps, too. They feel inviting, and comfortable. Someone knew how to build a path!


  2. I’m fascinated by the connection to that painting that you felt. And yes, these trees are part of a grove. Our white and bur oaks tend to hang out in groves along the tops of morainal hills, where there is more sun and the soil is dryer. I’m so pleased you like my steps. In reality they were just tumbles of rock.


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