Arrow-head in Bloom

Sagittaria latifolia

Here is a recent painting to come off my easel. It feels particularly poignant to me this morning, having arisen to minus 20 degrees! Yikes. I’ll sure be glad to see warm temperatures again.

When I started this painting I wanted deep, rich blues for a background. I wasn’t even sure yet which plant I would pair with it but arrowhead seemed like the right choice. Laying in the first leaf I just let the green suggest the shape, and I’m really happy how some of the edges are lost. That makes the closer leaf pop and gives the flower stalk a wonderful stage.


6 thoughts on “Arrow-head in Bloom”

    1. Our little visit from the north pole is outstaying it’s welcome…still at -20 this morning. By the weekend we are supposed to see 40 degrees, and that hope is sustaining me. I’m not even trying to go start my car, although my son has soldiered off both mornings. Brrr.


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